Year Of Focus: Week 25 - Release

June 16, 2024

“Release the past, capture the present and embrace the future.” ~Billy Cox 

The Year Of Focus: Week 25

Word of the Week: Release

to free from anything that restrains, fastens, etc

Life is full of things to release. Sometimes there are difficult things I hold onto for too long. Painful memories that still trigger emotions. Even clinging to a relationship that we should have let go in a season or for a reason. In those times when I am stuck I am reminded to “let go or be dragged,” to release the hurt or it will drag you through life.

It may even be old beliefs that need to be released. There are no rules for holding onto them. We learn to release them as we begin to understand the change that is awaiting in its place. It is normal to get stuck in old habits that feel comfortable, but in order to grow through something, we must open our hearts, and release what is holding us back.

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