Year Of Focus: Week 24 - Pace

June 9, 2024

 Embrace the pace of your own journey

The Year Of Focus: Week 24

Word of the Week: Pace

a rate of activity, progress, growth, performance, etc.; tempo:

Since I began running in early 2010, I have learned so many lessons in pace. To run a long distance, you need to understand when to reserve your energy and when to push. No matter the distance, I have never been consistent, always running hard until there was nothing left in the tank, struggling the last leg of the race.

Lately, my pace has less to do with running and more to do with life. Today, it is about noticing the uneven pace of my days and the craving to slowdown. Longing for a gentle pace to witness each season, even when life feels busier than ever.

I keep searching for techniques to slow time, ways to adjust my pace and tips to savor each moment. There is always a surplus of too much or the emptiness of not enough. The right pace brings a calm knowing.

This season my focus is on the options that support a slower pace when life feels hectic. On the ways to create steadiness in this season of endless options.

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