Year Of Focus: Week 1 Diligent

December 31, 2023


"Diligence is the Mother of good fortune"

The Year Of Focus

Word of Week: Diligent

A couple months ago, I attended a weekend scrapbook getaway and had the opportunity to relax, visit and be creative  which instilled a sense of renewal when it was time to return to my responsibilities. During one of our conversations, I learned the phrase "Chop Wood Carry Water" which basically means, just do the work. I had already begun making changes in my daily routine, but now I was focused on altering the ways I used my time, ate meals, and instilled habits. Learning the saying (Chop Wood Carry Water) was my reminder of the hard work necessary for change.

As the year comes to a close I begin the ritual of setting my sights on the New Year. I start thinking about the goals that will help me live my best life. And use a word from One Little Word to document my year. This year my word is FOCUS and what better way to find and reclaim FOCUS then to use a book that was given to me by a friend, to guide me on this path. 

The Book Focus (How one word a week will transform your life)

Each week there is a new word to FOCUS on

This weeks word is: Diligent: Constant in effort to accomplish something; attentive and persistent in doing anything:

Definitions of diligent included; hard work or persistence. Coming from the latin word diligere, meaning to value highly. To me that means diligence should not be only about the accomplishment, but also about doing our best because we value how our time is spent, since time is our greatest commodity.

Good fortune comes to those who work diligently towards their goal. They way we participate in our daily habits allow us to learn and grow. If our tasks become just another "to do" to cross off our list, we will never uncover our true potential.

Beginning this study has already revealed that I am capable of so much more, but too often glide through tasks just to get things done. This week I plan to be more diligent with my time, by paying attention to the projects I must complete and notice if these small changes reveal a new way to care, thrive and be diligent in how I live my life and approach my goals.

Focus - diligent with goals - staying focused on improvement and consistency

January - No Alcohol, No Social

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