Year Of Focus: Week 12 Advance

March 17, 2024

Error is discipline through which we advance. ~William Ellery Channing 

The Year Of Focus: Week 12

Word of the Week: Advance

1. to increase in quantity, value, price, etc.: His stock advanced three points.

What does it take to realize our participation is required for us to advance in life. We can complain on how difficult things are, however, it is still up to us to make the decisions to generate change. Nobody said it would be easy, but it is always worth it.

Throughout the messy parts of learning is where we grow, when we fail, we grow, through joy and pain, we grow and with time and effort during all of this we can advance and uncover our future selves.

Most things in life take time to improve, it is a slow process and it is worth it. The quick fixes never last and are not fulfilling. But with daily steps or a committed practice, we will advance. Often we just need to take the first step, or figuring out what is holding you back? 

March - Month Of Wellness

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