Year Of Focus: Week 18 Arrive

April 28, 2024

Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.~ Martin Luther King Jr

The Year Of Focus: Week 18

Word of Week: Arrive

1. to attain the objective in a course or process: to arrive at a conclusion.

I love setting goals, there is always a new 10, 30, 75-day challenge I am willing to try. You can discover a lot about yourself with goals and challenges. The process provides ways of growing, changing, and arriving some place new. 

Yet, there are times when we become too focused on arriving and overlook the joy in the journey. I know that I become so consumed by the destination I can miss the life and lessons that are offered. This has always been the battle with anything that takes time, I just want to arrive, and bypass the process we go through along the way. I have since learned, through the messy middle can be where we uncover our greatest strengths. 

Although it can be difficult to enjoy the journey in life or when traveling, maybe I can practice finding peace in the present, while slowing down enough to observe the space  I am in. 

April - Month Of Organization

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