About Tina





I love to tell the stories life creates, those things that connect us. Life is about unraveling, a continuous cycle of activity until you find yourself whole. Blessed with a marriage of over thirty years to my husband Joel, we travel through this roller coaster of life while learning to live again after the loss of our 5-year old son, Ryan. Privileged to have two grown children, Chelsea and Zachary, I am enriched by the opportunity and growth that our children bring to our lives. With a passion for writing, I untangle the heartbreak and allow the light in by sharing simple tales about life, love and loss.

My  passion for running continues to fuel the best medicine for life as I reach for a new goal of 16 races in 2016. Focusing on the  positive, scattering kindness and Paying it forward with a loving desire to give back with random acts of kindness, these are my truths...

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