Year Of Focus: Week 3 Position

January 14, 2024

When you're in peace, it's a position of power...

The Year Of Focus:  Week Three

Word of Week:  Position

Position - noun

  1. condition with reference to place; location; situation.

There have always been times in my journey through life, job, and/or career where I have not achieved the position I had hoped for. Maybe it takes longer to reach the desired results, or that things for others appear easier. Especially when we have done the work, or it feels deserved, yet we are still stumbling for position.

Through loss and heartache, I have learned the struggle is part of the plan; the caterpillar to butterfly, the work we need to get us to what is possible.  How often do you hear, if it was easy, everyone would do it? 

The hard work we push through is part of the journey to our potential. Those challenging conquests that fulfill us when complete. For me, running a difficult race is a great indicator of potential; the cold, rainy course of hills, where even when difficult, I kept going. Those are the races that fill me with the most pride, deliberately making the choice to not give up. 

In his short life, my father accomplished a lot, and one of his favorite reminders to us kids was the quote “the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward”, and often that reward of pride is enough to want to try again.

From the book of focus: Position is also the attitude of our hearts awards God, no matter what our station in life. The realization that we are continually being placed by Him for our eternal good and His glory.

This week I will Focus on a goal that will help me learn. Knowing that position is where I will find my true potential. 

January - No Alcohol, No Social

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