Year Of Focus: Week 4 Follow

January 21, 2024

You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through...

The Year Of Focus:  Week Four

Word of the Week:  Follow

Follow – verb

  1. to go or come after; move behind in the same direction:

Recently when I noticed the repetition of my days there was a nudge to transform the use of my time. Noticing I was no longer doing things that fulfilled me, like writing, running, or finding stillness. Aware of their power and influence, I knew it was time to adjust things. With the first step of waking early, I decided to create a new path to follow. 

Between the spells of life when we follow our own path and other seasons where we follow those who inspire us. By creating our own dreams to chase and opportunities to pause, our navigation of trusting our instincts along with having the confidence in our ability to follow the often-difficult road is what leads us in the right direction.  

With the popular saying of, “Follow your dreams wherever they may lead you”. I lean into the many dreams of my life. Pondering the tales to share with my grandchildren as they grow, those same lessons of life once shared by my parents and grandparents. Stories that require time to learn, and the dedication that takes time and commitment to follow through.  

In this season of awakening, armed with the lessons that come with age, I recognize the balance of time perched before me, and wonder what am I waiting for?  Knowing how the days slip past, I begin again... 

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