Year Of Focus: Week 10 Authority

March 3, 2024

Authority is not a power, it is a responsibility  ~Amit Kalantri

The Year of Focus: Week 10

Word of the Week: Authority

(10) Authority - noun,plural au·thor·i·ties

  1. the power to determine, adjudicate, or otherwise settle issues or disputes; jurisdiction; the right to control, command, or determine.

Knowledge is power and the more we learn, the more authority we have in different areas. I have always enjoyed learning, and after returning to school later in life, I rediscovered the thrill of learning. It keeps me busy, instills new ideas and those challenges help me grow as a person while learning to conquer the many different obstacles in life. 

I grew up recognizing authority as a trustworthy source and that trust carries responsibility, usually earned over time through experience and education. In this year of focus, I have decided to get curious with my untapped potential. Imagining the possibility cultivated while we gain authority in new ways. 

The book of Focus also writes about the authority you have in Christ. God Almighty Himself is the power behind your authority.  It is time to discover authority in the things you love. 

March - Month Of Wellness

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