What brought you JOY - Week 20

May 20, 2017

"Live beyond what if, find joy in what is." 

What brought you JOY: Week 20

Hard to believe we are already twenty weeks into the year, projects that document the year like this one really emphasize how rapidly the days pass while I shift and grow with each introduction.

Amidst this mixture of peace and plenty, I uncover joy in quiet days and busy nights, uncovering the harmony of calm and chaos and allowing a bustling day away to inspire a quiet night at home.

Adventures seize the calendar as celebrations furnish the joy of time well spent, but just as days of plenty feel scrumptious eventually the season of movement craves solace away from the dedication of obligations.

Ultimately the space to recharge with a gratifying story or an afternoon of slowness refuels this soul seeking spirit and stirs the transformation fundamental to plot and plan again. A repetition that creates a course that will flourish with joy as I initiate the penning of dates into the calendar once more.

Looking back at what brought joy...

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