What brought you JOY - Week 18

May 6, 2017

"Joy comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary." ~ Brene Brown

What brought you Joy: Week 18

This week joy arrives with morsels of enchantment as I interrupt my pace to notice instead of escaping in the business of plans, identifying the ambient light that comes with spring and unfolds into memories that I absorb to rekindle for another day.

Peeks of sunshine warm the space as the day gently unfolds and I savor its approach. Preparing the house for visitors celebrates these awakenings and delivers a sense of joy in the effort, creating the space to flourish with details I long to display while brightening the area in blooms.

A steady beat of promise awakens the season's gatherings delivering a love for the journey. Family and friendships promote joy with their support as we witness together the beauty of life.

Looking back at what brought joy...

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