What brought you JOY - Week 16

April 22, 2017

"our real discoveries come from chaos" 

What brought you JOY: Week 16

Remodeling can be a stressful time of chaos, that space when everything is misplaced and dust hovers like drones in the air introducing unrest into the environment where you nest, and until the job is completed, there is no getting away from the mess. 

During a recent remodeling project, the patterns of household discord correlated closely with the balance I seek when life gets chaotic. Eager to mend the mess when home and life are out of place, a feeling of disconnect surges instead of sitting amidst the chaos, but each time, I learn that in order for transformation to shape my life I must sit within the rubble.

As the project is completed and the dust finally settles, the lessons emerge, a once dated room is now fresh, and the difficulty during chaos becomes clear. Change is difficult as I step through it, but once that season ends a renovation of growth blooms.

Yes, this week Joy was discovered in the chaos, where finally the completion is near and the quiet and calm can return... well at least until the next project begins.

Looking back at what brought joy...

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