What brought you JOY - Week 11

March 18, 2017

 "Comparison is the thief of JOY"

What brought you joy: Week 11 

Recently, right before an important meeting, I asked my husband if he was nervous? "Why would I be nervous" he replied, reminding me again of the opposite ways we view the world and what we consider stressful.

The opportunities in his business life represent the puzzles he is eager to solve while those same challenges unravel me. Finally, I am beginning to understand that it's okay.

Before mindfulness, those thoughts would spiral in my heart, creating an awkward awareness of who I am, or more often, who I am not. Now as I learn to appreciate the variation in personalities I am rewarded with the gifts of enough, gifts that remove judgment and comparison and allow me to sit comfortably with authentic energy. 

Each day I will continue pursuing the joyful ways that make me whole, embracing these differences as a reminder to appreciate all that I have with joy in knowing who I am.

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