What brought you JOY - Week 9

March 4, 2017

"The JOY is in the JOurneY"

What brought you joy: Week 9

Joy is consistently discovered in life's journey, and adventure is sure to uncover the delight it brings. Joy has the potential to create lasting memories, while other moments glide by like a vehicle exiting the highway as it slowly drifts from our thoughts. Joy was always available when I chose to notice.

This week I discovered joy away from home, mingling business and pleasure in sunny Florida. A week of opportunity to participate in all the activities the warm temperatures provide from outdoor walks where the sun glows brightly, to the downtown shows and everything in between, each moment boasting a welcome taste of spring.

A smile remained the constant focal point during the mesmerizing Cirque Du Soleil show "La Nouba", also at an ice bar where even our drinking glasses were an ice creation, as well as all the wonderful evenings out dining with vendors from the rental show.

As I make joy my focal point, I notice how it is always with me, the laughter in a car ride, the setting sun and all the moments that came before to inspire joy in each of the seasons of my life.  

Looking back at what brought joy...

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