Gratitude - Week 47

May 21, 2017

"Let gratitude be the pillow on which you say your prayers nightly prayers." ~ Maya Angelou

Gratitude: Week 47 (May 14 - May 20)

Days plunge quickly into nights and if I am not careful, another year will unzip before my eyes exposing all the hope and promise I had made in its wake. Inscribing the details helps preserve the pause of gratitude unveiled in each day with a snapshot of evidence I can revisit.

The opportunities for gratefulness are abundant as I observe the tenderness created in my life. The warmth distributed by the sun on a cool morning walk, laughter shared during a family gathering and the positive energy delivered as I strive to reach another goal with watchful amazement. 

A transformation of false illusions slowly unfolds as the depth of gratitude greets the capacity to thrive, daring me to persevere as I grasp the capacity to do more and be more, discovering the confidence to flourish while gratitude deflects doubt and delivers the courage to reach for more.

And after forty-seven weeks of documenting gratitude, I have awakened my soul for more.  

From the list...

Week 47: Opportunities you've been given

Each day is an opportunity for something. The opportunity to be a grateful soul searching human who uncovers kindness in every space. The opportunity to push towards my potential and recognize the beauty in life after loss, in love after heartbreak and in my breathe when there is none.


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