Inspiration - Week seven

August 14, 2016

"Find your tribe, love them hard" ~Danielle La Porte

Week Seven (Aug 7-13)

This week has been filled with celebrations, the start of the Olympics and an amazing concert, opportunities that easily illuminate gratitude, but even on the good weeks I find myself extracting pieces of the past to the crossroads where choice changes us and pain corrodes what is left. 

Recalling the restarts, when everything shifts and life splinters in two, a before and after that abandons us as we gather the shattered debris and attempt to reassemble our lives. During these moments I seek the inspiration of others, recalling the stories of courage and heartbreak where perseverance and determination remind us of our connectedness. 

And when possible I use the opportunities I am provided to influence and motivate others by continuing to grasp at the future in positive ways. Choosing to withstand the hardships for the next right step delivers a directive I return to when I sit to write another story, run another race or encounter another decision.

Acknowledging the previous season allows gratitude to guide me with the grace of sunshine captured in the tiny details of our lives. Devoting time to restore my soul by nourishing my mind with a communion of love and loss that shoulders the pain of what was with gratitude of what is, I know the flowers will bloom again.

By doing what you love you inspire and awaken the gifts in others, so keep taking the steps towards authenticity and gratitude will join you.

From the list...

Week Seven: A friend

  • Lisa has been with me through everything
  • has the kindest heart of anyone I know
  • finds the good in every person or situation
  • a role model in life and perspective 
  • always discovering ways to be a better person

If you are just starting to follow with my #52weeksofgratitude you can start HERE   #gratitudechangeseverything



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  • August 15, 2016 @ 9:47 AM EDT
    By Beverly McComb-Davies
    "This is what binds all people and all creation together --the gratuity of the gift of being." - Matthew Fox ("Attitudes...," pp 63). <3

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