Balance - Week eight

August 21, 2016

"Life is a balance of holding on and letting go" ~Rumi

Week Eight (Aug 14-20)

Summer has been non-stop with parties, weddings, travel and lots of running, and while I savor each and every piece of it, sometimes the overloaded calendar can be too much and I long for quiet. Unearthing time between adventure and avoidance is a bit of a balancing act that I continually struggle to achieve. Either I am anxious for adventure or nurturing calm, always in a quest for balance.

I savor the penned details that fill the calendar while longing for the blank page with time to unwind, a steady opportunity to be an integral piece of things with the idleness to recharge, challenging then connecting, all a combination of life and our ability to cradle balance. 

Everything craves balance; our bodies, our minds, our families, our free time, if we dedicate too much time in one area another is sure to suffer. My heart has a subtle way of advising me when adjustments are needed, a short temper built from frustration is one signal of imbalance. 

As I pursuit balance in life I recognize the course in gratitude, a balancing act of acknowledging the difficult moments as well as the enjoyable. Admiring the details in an ordinary day while recognizing every storm has its own allure as I uncover natures way towards balance.  

Gratitude is a conscious choice to make, and it is always available if we seek it. Dawna Markova says Gratitude is like a flashlight. If you go out in your yard at night and turn on a flashlight, you suddenly can see whats there. It was always there, but you couldn't see it in the dark. Gratitude lights up what is already there, we just need to recognize it.

From the list...

Express gratitude to three people:

  • Gratitude to my husband for the amazing weekend he put together for my birthday
  • The wonderful women at the nursing home
  • The encouragement from my friend when struggling with running 

If you are just starting to follow with my #52weeksofgratitude you can start HERE   #gratitudechangeseverything


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