Introducing habit - Week six

August 7, 2016

Week six (July 31- August 6)

Six weeks into my 52 weeks of gratitude and I have cultivated a habit that has flourished with possibility  as I recognize the bounty of gifts present in each day. To implement change in any habit, good or bad we just need to begin.

In order to coordinate change I began by focusing on ways to satisfy the negative with a positive, combining a new habit with a current routine and merging two ideas where a pattern has already formed. Small changes connected with prevailing conduct seamlessly bolster the shift we are striving for.  

A simple routine of drinking lemon water became a habit when I chose to consume it while waiting for my coffee to brew. Journal writing comes once I sit with my coffee and gratitude is written before bed every night, all smoothly connected to a current practice that creates habit.

When quitting smoking, almost 14 years ago, I generated a list of motivations necessary to change this habit, although to a non smoker I am sure the reasons seem evident, this list provided a visual guide to my goal.

Creating a list was a simple way to compare my current situation with the future I imagined. My inability to keep up with my then young children, along with many other detriments to my health provoked positive expectations in changing this habit. This reform of a habit was a tipping point for transformation and by giving up smoking many new authentic patterns formed, including my love for running.

Gratefulness is not only a choice, but a habit, teaching with both monumental change and tiny reflection as I take to heart all the details. Some days I peddle as fast as I can on this crazy journey but I always discover ways to coast the downhill and enjoy the scenery. Taking mindful steps towards balance slowly delivers change, providing some of the best views on this adventure.

From the list...

Week six: The city you live in

  • The historic downtown
  • The events that bring people together
  • One of a kind restaurants and bars
  • Memories of my kids growing up
  • Great parks and trails for running

If you are just starting to follow with my #52weeksofgratitude you can start HERE   #gratitudechangeseverything



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