Accomplishments and Pride Week Sixteen

October 16, 2016

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try" 

Week sixteen (October 9 - 15)

Every accomplishment began with a decision to try, from quitting smoking, to running my first race, each step shaped  this journey to shift in places I never imagined while creating a new way to live.

The desire to quit smoking derived from the health issues and my inability to keep up with my kids, flourishing into endless triumphs with their own reward. Each positive decision had delivered accolades not previously considered, prompting boundless growth and opportunity that all began with the decision to try.

Cultivating the discipline and determination during any crisis in life delivered pride and transformation. Who could blame me if I returned to cigarettes after the loss of my brother a few months into my quitting. Each day I accumulated not smoking was an investment in myself, offering change while dissolving the doubt carried by others. 

This journey of renewal established new beginnings and empowered one of my greatest triumphs, to run the Chicago marathon in October 2011.

Change was not easy, but it was possible. It was about making the next right decision for me, chasing the things that would keep me accountable and avoiding the negative distractions. All of it took time and dedication to follow through, and each step built the confidence necessary to keep going one more day. 

During this month of October I am grateful for the determination that pushed me through the rough spots. Each storm of  fortitude provided opportunity while remaining true to my convictions delivered the greatest gift of self-respect.

From the list...

Simple things in life:

  • Morning walks
  • enjoying your coffee with both hands
  • running in the coolness of fall
  • reading a book
  • spending time with friends
  • a glass of wine with my hubby
  • rocking on the front porch
  • the sunrise
  • the sunset

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