Courage - Week nine

August 28, 2016

"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself"  ~ The Wizard of Oz

Week Nine (August 21 - August 27)

Recently I began a course on small courage from my friend Ruth Clark. Just the mention of discovering our courage reminded me of an earlier time when I was first provoked to seek the bravery within.

It was 2006 and a group of friends were planning a trip to New York City. I had always wanted to visit the city, but the thought of flying had me terrified. Each discussion of the upcoming trip delivered tethered enthusiasm as I listened to the ideas growing into a plan while imagining if I would really follow through when suddenly one of the group commented “I am sure there will be a reason you can’t go anyway.”

Those few words changed me, igniting a fire within as I sat astonished by her words while concerned of their truth? Just how many things did I find an excuse not to be a part of because of doubt?

That phrase forced some of my first steps towards courage; with an opportunity for an accurate view of the choices I was forming while fully aware of the fears I avoided.

At first my bravery felt bulky and uncomfortable and I was already noticing my old habits of backing out in the distance.  But as I recalled the stories I previously told myself I decided they portrayed an unnecessary version of who I was and said yes to the ensuing steps toward change.

Once we arrived in New York City my pride radiated, fully aware of the courage introduced by pushing through my fears. Collecting determination over fear untangled powerful emotions, and although I knew I would be examining the cumbersome shell of fortitude again, I had finally altered the direction of anxiety with the boldness of possibility. 

Grace and Gratitude help push away fear when we believe in their power to illuminate the areas we have neglected.  Unearthing my potential during this voyage prompted me to dig deeper when challenges arrived, transforming the course of each quest for bravery, and even though fear often returns, I am awakened with the tools to overcome. 

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Gratitude has always been easy to express to others, my difficulty remains in finding the gratitude within the struggle

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