Illumination - Week fourteen

October 2, 2016

“You have been offered "the gift of crisis". As Kathleen Norris reminds us, the Greek root of the word crisis is "to sift", as in, to shake out the excesses and leave only what's important. That's what crises do. They shake things up until we are forced to hold on to only what matters most. The rest falls away.” ~Glennon Doyle Melton

Week fourteen (September 25 - October 1)

As I sift through crisis in shifts of destruction and guidance I unravel the decisions necessary to take "the next right step" for me. Entertaining the nudge of curiosity and remaining mindful during the chaos uncovers the layers I hid beneath with a longing to understand what has fallen away.

The mold of normal has been fractured by heartbreak and often represents a complex personality which hides from the outside world. Adapting to an imagined energy of expectation I forge a mental block to conceal the inner turmoil as I shed  layers of anguish to understand grief in a world of perfection.

The promise of time and the persistence of grace provided the strength to exhale as my heart grew weary of the exactness portrayed by others. Drifting into the clouds of grief became instrumental in uncovering authenticity with each story I released, allowing the truth to set me free. 

Until we breathe our truth we will remain socially connected, yet still alone. Exploring that softness when I stood strong proved that the fractured pieces of life do not belong within the persona of perfection and by illuminating the difficult parts I create purpose and connection. 

Penning through the rumble, a ritual dripping with sadness reveals my truth with the wisp of survivals tales which eventually form a rhythm of my life. With the wounds exposed and the hurt wide open, I recognize the leap where faith provides  a story to unfold with the promise of spring. 

and within every conflict another example of gratitude is ready to light the way...

From the list...

Week fourteen: A talent you have

  • Writing 
  • Scrapbooking
  • Photography

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