Leaning into gratitude - Week two

July 10, 2016

"Gratitude changes the lens with which we view the world"

Week two (July 3-July 9)

During the hard stuff I often want to flee. Escape was the only message my brain sent in the "fight or flight" scenario, launching a scurry to remove the pain by creating a habit of avoidance and sabotaging my authenticity. And then over time the occasional glass of wine sprouted into a comfortable routine which furnished my own illusion of space. Keenly aware of the denial drinks offered,  it was time for change.

Our wounds are powerful if denial remains a part of our story, and I needed to unveil the darkness in order for healing to begin. While distracted by despair I considered Band-Aids to heal my wounds instead of dealing with the heaviness upon me, this erroneous measure presented no explanation except the excuse to linger in sorrow. To build a new foundation I abstained from alcohol for thirty days, providing the discomfort I avoided the opportunity to surface. 

"The dark does not destroy the light; it defines it,  It is our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows."        ~Brene Brown

Unearthing a place of comfort required examining the discomfort with a compassionate heart. Once provoked I was unable to disguise my grief and established the light essential towards healing. 

Developing constructive ways to nourish my soul led me to write. Sharing both my joy and pain illuminated their power  and provided space, forging a calendar of times passing. Each entry guided me through to the path of bereavement and dispensed the space to unpack what needed to be released.

Leaning into the power of gratitude has reshaped my resolve. This week as I continue to pen my lists of gratitude I feel an abundant shift of appreciation that radiates the wonder magnifying my days. These newly formed habits of writing down gratitude as well as the conscious way I step through my days making mindful choices, all help manifest the joy I am practicing.

From the list...

Week two: gratitude for my spouse

  1. always hardworking
  2. the grill MASTER
  3. ability to laugh at himself
  4. my biggest fan
  5. amazing father

If you are just joining we started here 

and here is:  Week One

Here is my friends blog also following with the 52 weeks of gratitude.

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