Gratitude - Week 44

April 30, 2017

"You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck." 

Gratitude: Week 44 (April 23 - April 29)

Within my thoughts, I am strolling through life gracefully, then I glance at the calendar with alarmed confusion as another season has slid by while the opportunities of life are cycled in accelerated speed, diminishing through the sands of time they slip through my fingers as I pursue dreams and goals of an unending list, until I conclude that just being is enough.

Investing years chasing dreams, neglecting to acknowledge the present has exposed the imbalance of my life. Prompting me to sit in this moment and witness what has come before me and what I look forward to in the future while uncovering gratitude for the pause, the moments of in between where there is nothing to pursue, and being in the moment is enough.

Noticing with the grace of gratitude tiny threads of moments that weave into a life. A journey of discovery that comes with practice and age, as I recognize the influence within my soul. Gratitude sweeps away any unnecessary drama, the claim of grievances that previously tangled me now cascade by barely noticed when I recognize how fleeting time is.

From the list...

Week 44: Your favorite Holiday

Used to be Christmas with all the decorating and excitement, but now that is comfortably growing into Thanksgiving. The time for family gathering without any expectations.

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