The need for speed 28/52

July 10, 2022


Week 28: The need for speed – running

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Craving that feeling that comes from an outdoor race, I was ready to sign up for the Twin Sizzler 5k when I learned my daughter had already signed us up for my birthday. I cannot remember the last official outdoor race I ran, but on July 4th, I finally had my opportunity to run. It was the perfect time to run, time for change, and time to get myself back to running races while setting new goals.

My intention for this race was to run the entire 3.1 miles without walking. Although I did end up walking twice, once during a water stop and once before conquering a hill, I was very proud of my effort on this return to running.  For me, running is a mental game of reminders. A reminder that I am capable, a reminder of mind over matter and a reminder of how good I will feel when I reach the finish line. Thinking about my goal in the days before the race as well as using a positive mindset I was able to maintain a 10-minute mile pace. 

Running has always been a love/hate relationship. There are always days when it is too cold, or I just don’t feel like running, but I ALWAYS know, that once I walk out the door to run, I will find the motivation, strength, and pride to get me to the finish.  With time and practice each run transforms the tempo of your life. Recapping the inspiration of my strength and the pride that comes with pushing through.

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