Tending List (halfway through) 24/52

June 12, 2022


Week 24: Tending list (halfway through)

I always begin a New Year with endless goals and motivation, but somehow since Covid, I am constantly restarting. Here we are, halfway through another year and I am still seeking change. This reminder of the halfway point in the year is not a judgement to me or anyone else, but instead, a reminder that no matter the date on the calendar, we can always begin again.  

I began my June with a 30-day Peloton challenge since I always focus better with a goal and a plan. For this purpose, I decided to complete one 20-minute or longer, Peloton class every day for the next 30 days. This would provide a variety of workouts in areas I have not always focused on, while also providing the option to be indoors on hot or rainy days to spin, run or do yoga and walk for rest days. I always feel better after a run and this invitation to choosing something new is the motivation I need. 

Change is inevitable, and sometimes that change becomes the pursuit of something distinctive that steers us in a new direction. This is where I have found myself recently, at this halfway point, and nearing another birthday…in a search for the change I need to feel better.

As I release what is no longer serving me and invite in something new, I can find the growth I am looking for. To avoid bouts of anxiety and depression, I search for the one thing that is consistent in feeling good and that is always healthy meals and exercise. Exercise and challenging my body has  fulfilled me in many ways, and this recipe is part of my journey back to being me. 

Closing the many portholes that exposed my life and the lives of others, from facebook and groups has allowed me to focus on the creativity I need to flourish and release thoughts of comparison or judgment. This is a new awakening and I am grateful to find myself here, discovering what is truly important for my life.

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