Begin again 15/52

April 10, 2022

Every single day is a new day to begin again 

Week 15: Begin again

We can always begin again. Every day we are filled with choices, choices that can change the direction of our lives. From the simple changes of no longer using cream in your coffee, to the bigger steps of committing to something new where the possibilities are endless.

I often write about when I quit smoking, because for me, that was one of the biggest transformations I have made in my life. The decision to no longer smoke had been a fantasy for so long that even I did not believe it could ever happen. And then one day I just decided to stop, and everything changed. At the time, change was slow, but looking back today I can see how that one decision to do something different completely changed my life. 

When I quit smoking that was my only focus. I did not look at the future of a non-smoker. But that change eventually led to my fitness journey of running, races and endless goals. And that is the thing with change, it slowly transforms our thoughts and abilities as it sharpens our focus on our potential future. My love of running blossomed after that first step on a treadmill when I was ready to lose the weight from quitting smoking. Running then grew into a life long passion.  

When I look back and recognize how small changes made a big difference, I am reminded that anything is possible and if I decide to lean in a new direction there is so much more available for me.  

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