15 minutes a day 13/52

March 27, 2022

Week 13: 15 minutes a day

When I seek motivation for change, I need to start small, often the excitement arrives when I set a date to begin. Other days it is in the knowing that I can do anything for 15 minutes or less, if that is where I choose to begin. Even adding a 30 second plank a day as a goal provides direction for change. Like the saying goes, "if nothing changes, nothing changes." Adding something new promotes change. Using a kitchen timer as an anchor, or the alarm on your phone, the opportunities to begin again are endless.

In January I decided to do a plank each morning to begin my day. All I needed was a timer and a commitment of 30  seconds. This new practice became a habit when I tethered it to my daily yoga. Once I finished my yoga, I did my plank.  Now, not only is a plank a part of my daily routine, but I decided to increase my time each month by 5 seconds. 

There are countless avenues to move towards change, and most start with a decision and a few minutes. Whether your goal is to read more, eat healthy, journal, play, exercise or meditate, you don't need a new year to begin, start today. Wake up your mind to change by setting a timer, or an alarm. With this cue you begin to recognize the small percentage of your day that is needed for your goal. 

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