Don't forget to laugh 21/52

May 22, 2022


May theme: Don't forget 

Week 21:  Don’t forget to laugh 

My mother-in-law Jane was filled with stories of laughter. She would find laughter in the toughest situations of her life and looking back I understand how it saved her. This became my inspiration. To discover ways to recognize the humor in discomfort.  I still giggle at the canoe trip we took in Cook Forest Pennsylvania where her canoe tipped over so many times, we lost count.  You could imagine her frustration, but she did not give up. I guess going down the river, with Chelsea, she knew she didn’t have a choice. When they, finally reached the shore, we all stood silently waiting. Chelsea climbed out and came to the shore, but as Jane grabbed her things to exit, her boat tipped again. We all nervously watched, uncertain on how she would respond to this relentless defeat? But Jane surprised us all by standing and howling with laughter. Within a few seconds we all joined in.

For me, Jane was a friend and a constant source of advice and laughter. She used humor to get her through the hard times in her life. Her examples of how laughter saved her still resonate daily, and I can only imagine the difference she would make in the world today if she could. Looking back, the trip to Cook Forest could have left a horrible memory instead of the giggles we share today. No one could blame her if she was angry after the disaster of her canoe trip. It remains one of our most relished memories with Jane. Just another example that no matter how difficult the journey is, laughter always helps.

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