Lessons from loss 6/52

February 6, 2022

 You can't rush your healing. Darkness has its teachings  ~ Trevor Hall

February: Curiosity

Week 6: Lessons from loss

For many years loss seemed to dominate my life. The death of Ryan 28 years ago (almost 29) when I was twenty-eight years old, is a loss I will never stop grieving. I grieve the wonder of who he could have been, as well as the memories we will never get to make. His loss leaves a void that cannot be filled, and our survival is a constant reminder of his absence.

For a long time, I lived in a state of misery, smothered by the question of survival. The further I wake in this new reality, the more curious I have gotten with grief. Recognizing the transformation as I moved through each stage, knowing I would not be the same. My sorrow rested in shock, denial, and anger, but through the years, as guilt surfaced again and again I knew I had examine more deeply, getting curious to what I could not understand. 

Grief will always be a part of me as it shapes my future. A journey through time from darkness to light.

“we can’t be new creations if everything stays the same” ~ Bob Goff

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