Time in nature 16/52

April 17, 2022




Week 16: Time in nature 

Through the years, during many phases of grief and sadness, the most common piece of advice I was given was to spend more time in nature. Getting outdoors, seemed like such a simple request, and an easy distraction for the mind. So simple, it almost felt patronizing. But using that guidance taught me how the outdoors could shift both my mood and attitude.  

When in nature, whether on a walk or in my own backyard, I tried to notice things. Listening for the birdsong and the variety of birds. Witnessing the sunlight as the rays filter the forest of trees. Even in the darkened spaces where shade delivers its own unique talent, providing a place to rest as a blanket of moss forms on a fallen tree.  

Each season delivered a new spell of wonder as it transformed in color and texture. And as I moved through the wooded trails, nature became a booster to soften my grief. Here, I felt connected to the earth, grateful for what was before me and what I once had. Attending to the world beneath my feet revealed the tiny truths of loss. Where new blooms pushed through the earth next to the brokenness of another.

I started to notice, how my time in nature eased the ache in my heart. The sturdy trees felt powerful, and each new sapling reminding me of new life. As I walked, the twigs formed a  path, and puddles danced towards a stream, each became my reminder of life's flow. And even though nature could not fix all that was broken, I realized that was okay, that sometimes I just needed a few minutes outdoors. 

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