Lessons from new beginnings 14/52

April 3, 2022

"Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you"  ~John C Maxwell

April - Choices 

Week 14: Lessons from new beginnings

Why is it that some goals stick and others we need to begin again and again? For some reason I continue starting over with my goals or setting new goals, only to begin again. I am still trying to understand what is it that helps me stay on track sometimes and knocks me off the next? But more importantly is the not giving up. Instead, I sit down, reassess what has been working and what has not and begin again.

Maybe that goal does not serve me currently, causing me to really dig deep and figure out how much I want this goal? Is it something I want or is it a good idea? Setting 100-day small challenges have brought some of my biggest wins. In July of 2021 my challenge was to add collagen to my coffee every morning. It is now a habit that I continue to do daily, and I believe am starting to notice the effects of now 250 plus days later.

My next thoughts for a 100-day challenge will be to drink a green smoothie once a day or jump rope for 5 minutes and increase over time. These goals will promote change from my usual routine, and I can monitor how I feel and if I want them stay in the future!  

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