Celebrating me - 26/52

June 26, 2022

Grateful for this life - Happy birthday to me... 

Theme: Motivation

Week 26: Celebrating me (on this 26th day and 26th week)

In this season of my life, I am focusing on the ways to celebrate being me, taking the steps to uncover my place in this world. A place where I reveal and fulfill my purpose by living my truth. Through the years my purpose has transformed from figuring out who I was in marriage, with children, and now as a grandmother. Moving from creativity to contentment,  I am a homebody that craves balance. I feel I am on the right path when I have done MY best to work towards my goals while remaining steadfast in my purpose.  

As my purpose changes, it is my job to discover the next steps for my journey. Knowing how fragile life is and the finite amount of time we are given, it is important for me to navigate towards what I need feeling both balanced and peaceful. Exhausted from the anxiety that has directed my emotions, I look for the oneness that is found when you know you are on the right track. 

In this quest I will continue to strive for purpose and calm, casting my net wide, reaching targets that serve my physical and emotional well-being and leave room for creativity that gratifies my soul. A spiritual fishing that allows me to reach for new direction while sitting with discomfort. Does this enrich my life or bring me joy? Can I be patient in this stillness and allow my heart to examine what is before me.  Do I cast again, create distance, or reexamine my options?  

Once I create a list, I am able to examine my options for what I need: 

  • A quiet space at home or a gathering with friends 
  • Movie night or lost in a book 
  • Catching up on the latest trends or escaping the social influence
  • A walk in the park or a run in a race
  • Journaling my feelings or planning my day

Choosing some of these small comforts are my way to recharge. Making a point to sprinkle them throughout my day is a gift that keeps giving me the energy to 

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