IFL: Week 7 Do small things with great love

February 9, 2020

Do small things with great love ~ Mother Theresa 

Instructions for life: Week 7-  Kindness begins when we understanding we all struggle

February theme: Do small things with great love

Everything we do matters, each small act of taking care of someone matters. Each phone call or text to a friend to lift them up, it matters. Each kindness to a stranger can change their day, it matters. Send out into the world what you most want to receive back and it will return. Each step no matter how small, move with kindness and gratitude, making the journey enjoyable for all you see. 

I am so grateful for our new house, for each trade who contributed their skill. Once I knew a new trade would be working, brought pizza or coffee, or donuts. A small act of kindness to introduce myself and acknowledge the work. Of course they are being paid, but don't we all like to be acknowledged in what we do? Our house was not just another job, but a place where kindness showed up. Acknowledging the work of each trade provided a positive karma in our home.

Sure there was a small fortune in pizza from September to January. Always delivered with the enthusiasm of the progress they were creating. Some who were a part before walls and windows on cold afternoons welcomed the chance to stop and get warm. Some, working by lamp light paused to talk and eat, giving me a chance to know each trade, listening as they shared a piece of their lives with me.

You can't  go wrong with kindness. It has a way of teaching both the giver and receiver.

February Book of Bible: John

Bible Verse: John 8:32

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

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