The seasons of life - week 4

January 24, 2021

"Extremes are easy, find balance" 

Week 4

Theme: Balance

The inevitable part of change is endless, and it can be a scary part of life. Even if we think we have control, we will soon realize that we don’t. Change is one of God's greatest gifts. This amazing tool that can push us in new uncomfortable directions, allowing us the time, space and pain to uncover who we are. Behaviors and habits we would have never adapted had something not changed our course.  

Whether the change in your life is a relationship, career, habit, or part of your daily routine, we get uncomfortable when things are different.  But, discomfort can be good. It brings growth as we are nudged in new directions, moving beyond what we know and learning through experience.

Earlier this month I “celebrated” my 18th year being smoke free. A change that was challenging and amazing, and one that still stirs pride. I was among the many, who did not think I could do it.  But that redirection in my life brought so many other wonderful alterations, and eventually I forget how difficult it was and embraced where it took me. Besides the improvement to my health, after quitting, I slowly became a runner, a change that I never had planned. All these years later I still run and it is a great source of strength and pride that continues to inspire me to get back out there.

Even though change feels difficult when it comes before us, the healing and growth it brings to life is priceless. Think of the many directions your life has taken you because of the changes you never saw coming and find gratitude in each journey. Resolutions come with time, a new habit, a daily routine, as we continue to stretch and grow through change.

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Did you know how the months got their names?

January - First month of the year, named after the Roman god of doors, Janus, because this month is the door into the new year.

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