The seasons of life - Week 3

January 17, 2021

Balance isn't fitting everything in. It's starting with what's important and letting the rest fall as it will ~Erica Layne

Theme: Balance

Week: 3

During this season of quarantine, I finally recognized the difference between having goals and having time. Over the years there have been many goals I could never quite master, and I often justified not reaching them because of a lack of time. But with so much time at home during 2020, I began to notice that having more time accomplished nothing if I did not plan steps towards goals. Reaching goals required aligning my days with each goal. 

Of all my goals, writing, in one form or another, has always been on the list. From memoir to blog writing, magazine or journaling, I love the rhythm of words and how stitched together they can tell a story. It is my sincerest passion, filled with a constant excitement to nourish and explore this craft. 

When I look for the good that came from 2020, I appreciate the time to pause and evaluate the truly important things in our lives. This revelation provided a better understanding in the currency of time and taking small steps. For it is not the big chunks of time where goals are reached, but instead the small, steady, day by day path we follow.  Consistency is key, not large batches of dedicated time. 

Currently reading: The Prophets

Currently listening to: Sea Wife

Did you know how the months got their names?

January - First month of the year, named after the Roman god of doors, Janus, because this month is the door into the new year.

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