Being Me; Week 8 (Food Choices)

February 17, 2019

 "Every time you eat or drink you are either feeding disease or fighting it."

Being Me: Week 8 - Food choices

February theme - Before anything else, find yourself, be yourself and love yourself

Being Me: uncovering the path to my purpose by following my hearts journey through simple daily tasks...

It's hard to believe we are 8 weeks in already! Taking care of our body is another way to love ourselves and our food choices are important. Yet so often instead of using food as our nutrition and fuel, it is used as a distraction to numb an emotion or to fill boredom. A sugary treat that becomes a reward or method of avoidance produces a negative habit to signal the brain to reach for sugar when unwanted emotions bubble up. 

The power of habit, explains how researchers discovered the neurological loop at the core of every habit; a cue,  a routine and a reward. In order to change a habit you need to understand the loop. By creating a new habit or cue by drinking water or journaling instead of reaching for food, you address the negative emotion with a positive habit. Most often  it has nothing to do with the sugar but the habit has become the distraction.

In January I began my journey with Whole 30, and it changed my life! Following the plan for 30 days taught me what my body needed to thrive and as a bonus I never had an upset stomach or a negative reaction to the foods I ate. The Whole 30 plan omits carbs, dairy and sugar from your diet and includes proteins and veggies and fruits. Following the plan for 30 days I discovered new recipes that the whole family could eat while learning how to fuel my body, defining the food energy I needed to run and still feel strong. 

Many of the changes I made during Whole 30 have now become habit in my routine, from Coconut milk instead of cream in my coffee to pairing fruit with a protein when snacking.  With the evidence of feeling healthy and the consistent energy, as well as intermittent fasting, I have changed the way I fuel my body. 

Diet does not have to be all or nothing, nor should it. With small steps of more veggies, or a smaller portion of dessert, you can slowly implement change in your meals. Love your body by including the foods that help make you feel better, and when you feel better you are ready to do more.


 Themes for each month to journal, create or contemplate on your journey

  • January - The best time for new beginnings is now
  1. Morning routine
  2. Mission statement
  3. Create your YES list
  4. Goals, baby steps, tiny promises
  5. Putting it in motion
  • February - Before anything else, find yourself, be yourself and love yourself
  1. Take care of your body
  2. Meditation and solitude
  3. Food choices and ideas for change
  • March - All you need is tea and warm socks
  • April - Water your roots so your soul can blossom
  • May -  The difference between a flower and a weed is judgment
  • June - Believe you can and your halfway there
  • July - Bold stripes, bright stars, brave hearts
  • August - We are who we choose to be
  • September - Sometimes we can learn and study & know, and sometimes we have to believe, trust and hope
  • October - We can't become what we want by remaining what we are
  • November - Small seeds of gratitude will provide a harvest of hope
  • December - Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of hope

Mission Statement:  I will improve my overall health and wellness, use kindness and inspiration with a vision that creates  a community of giving and in doing so achieve my purpose in this life. 

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