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  • July 11, 2021
    A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset 
    A mindful list to stay present throughout the day: 
    Take a breath - I always find that paying attention to my breathing helps with my awareness. It is such a simple thing. To step outdoors and take a deep breath, and notice the scents of the season. That is why breath work is so important in activities like yoga. It helps you get in tune with your...

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  • July 4, 2021
    Week 2:
    What we pay attention to grows
    Drenched in sorrow while the storms of grief tug at my heart. Even after twenty-five years, losing my five-year old son, Ryan, still pulls me under. Sometimes a moment of joy can trigger a tsunami of tears. Melancholy sneaks in, and I step outdoors to a place of quiet where the pungent musk of the earth encourages grace in this squall of sorrow. Grasping...

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