Instructions for life Week 3

July 11, 2021

A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset 

A mindful list to stay present throughout the day: 

  1. Take a breath - I always find that paying attention to my breathing helps with my awareness. It is such a simple thing. To step outdoors and take a deep breath, and notice the scents of the season. That is why breath work is so important in activities like yoga. It helps you get in tune with your mind and body.
  2. Connect with nature - Have you ever paid attention to how much better you feel when you pay attention to nature. Going for a walk in the park or even getting out in your own backyard and getting curious. I remember one of the only things that helped my parents after Ryan died was getting outside and walking. Even in the bitter cold of winter, they needed to be outdoors.
  3. Learn to focus - I always thought that getting so many things done was a good feeling of accomplishment. I am learning that it is when we focus on the current task we are doing keeps us grounded and present and helps us to notice how we are feeling.
  4. Eat Well - Allow yourself the time and space to nourish your body and pay attention to how food tastes and how you feel. Taking bites, setting down your fork and chewing are good mindfulness habits to create.
  5. Slow down - there is no need to always be on high speed. Choose to pay attention to what you are doing. Even the act of washing dishes can bring us calm.
  6. Re-set - Find time in the day to readjust your focus, check in and let go any issues.
  7. Release - notice when you have feelings of judgment and then release them.
  8. Let go of emotions - Recognize an emotion when it comes up but instead of engaging in everything that comes up,  let  go  and watch them dissipate.
  9. Just stop - sit for a moment and just be
  10. Connect with your senses - experience a moment through all your senses. Focus on one sense at a time.


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Instructions for Life

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