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  • August 23, 2012
    Spending time with my mother and learning more about Dementia along the way. Sometimes its all about changing your expectations of the person so that you can accept them at the stage they are when dealing with this disease. It is something I continue to struggle with. I want the mother that I had, and need to continually remind myself that she is no longer... So instead I'm trying to learn to enjoy...

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  • August 20, 2012
    The other day we had the opportunity to meet up with my cousins and aunt for a lunch get together and to go through some of my grandma's and aunts scrapbook supplies and chocolate molds. I feel so blessed to have these cousins that are great friends too!
    My cousin Steph is the youngest and due with her first baby in November. She is closer to Chelsea's age, which just connects our family even more!...

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  • August 14, 2012
    I grew up with a mom that feared most things... obviously the loss of two children, her husband and grandson didn't help the situation, nor did the abuse she suffered as a child. But I was finding that fear creeping into my own life and that of my kids. So over the last couple of years I started saying yes to things that I feared. All the yes's have given me the opportunity to explore the world with...

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