Still facing fears

August 14, 2012

I grew up with a mom that feared most things... obviously the loss of two children, her husband and grandson didn't help the situation, nor did the abuse she suffered as a child. But I was finding that fear creeping into my own life and that of my kids. So over the last couple of years I started saying yes to things that I feared. All the yes's have given me the opportunity to explore the world with racing, visiting family and try things a few years ago that I wouldn't have dared! And essentially changed my life...


I got to experience my sons first flight with him, and it was an emotional moment for me! While I played it cool and asked the flight attendant for his first flight wings pin. He smiled when getting the pin, but I'm hoping its a memory that stays with him for many years... he loves flying now!

Zip lining in Hocking Hills, or in those Caverns in Kentucky were definetly something I wouldn't have done a few years ago, but I'm so glad I said yes. In fact, I don't think there is a thing that I've said yes to that I regret...

Renting a car in San Diego, finding our way to Anaheim and into my Los Angeles may not be a big deal to some... but for me it was huge. The anxiety I felt when just booking my flight, renting the car and then having to drive was still there, but I pushed through it and I'm glad I did. And while I never did get comfortable driving in Los Angeles traffic, it wasn't horrible and luckily my cousin took some back roads getting us back to the airport rental drop off point, which I thanked him for over and over...


Hash house a go go was a blast, and had I not rented the car, we would have never gone... It was just outside Lo Jolla and such a fun place to eat at with HUGE portions! Was one of my favorite stops during our stay in San Diego... and the Snicker's pancake was awesome!


And how fitting, when facing your fears... a wall that you can write things you want to do before you die... perfect addition to facing your fears!


Fears of another sort... getting a tattoo. I had never found anything that I wanted on my body permanently, until spending this time with my kids, finding matching tattoos for Chel and I, and the  meaning behind them...

Spending time with my aunt is always inspiring! She is an amazing woman with thoughts and ideas that help lift your soul and always encourages you to try new things! And getting to know my cousins wife Michele was another bonus. She too was full of positive inspiration!

While the one thing I didn't fear, I should have... the work out with my cousin! He was amazingly awesome and we were amazingly sore!

Our first trip up the Santa Monica stairs I thought I'll never survive this... but we kept going and believe it or not, it got easier!  200 steps, and 1/8 of a mile jog to another set of steps down, 1/8 mile jog back to steps and repeat... 5 times! You'll never regret pushing yourself past limits you didn't know you had!


The scenery is amazing


Watching my son with my aunt knowing he's getting some great advice


Hanging out with my cousin who I haven't got to spend time with in years!

and bringing home my daughter made all the fears worth facing even more!


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