April 12, 2008

Today and Tomorrow...

Yesterday Deb, my cousin Mary and I went to visit my aunt in Parma.  We recently found out she was sick and wanted to spend some time with her.  She is my dad's younger sister and over the years she has shared some great stories about their childhood and memories of my dad. She isn't much older than us so when we were kids we remember her dating and having a cool Volkswagen bug car with a gas pedal shaped like a foot.  She laughs when we share these memories of her.


After we left my aunts the 3 of us went to lunch at Panera.  My cousin Mary goes scrapping with us and we always have a blast so lunch was another chance to talk and share some laughs.  From there Debbie picked up Zach and Cameron and Zach went to spend the night at their house.

After working a few hours I came home just in time to meet the lady who purchased our old van to give her the title and keys in exchange for payment.  Joel put the van out front on Sunday and it sold in less than a week!  We purchased it brand new in 1998 and have had it for almost 10 years.  It was a good family van and a perfect starter car for Chelsea but now its time to say good bye.

Spring time storms began last night with a cold front moving through.  Chelsea always gets so worried during storms and as much as Joel and I try to talk to her she just panics!  When it started hailing she was heading for the basement.

3 4

Thank goodness the storm blew through quickly because she had to get up early this morning to go take her ACT's.

Hopefully Trish and I can meet up today and of course that usual batch of laundry and never ending house cleaning needs to get done!

Tomorrow I have to clean the clubhouse for Lisa and we have a birthday party in the afternoon

so... there goes another weekend  :)


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