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October 3, 2011

Challenge has been my word of the year and I had no idea how many challenges I would face, now leading to one of the biggest challenges, running 26.2 miles in Chicago.


The idea began in 2010 as we enjoyed dinner with Jill, Jennifer, our spouses, and Chelsea, Ben, Zach.  Talking of races past and races future brought us to the challenge of Chicago.

We booked the hotel in JANUARY and signed up for the race February, and now here it is only 5 days away!

If you've checking out my running goals for the year, you'd see I've run over 800 miles towards the 1000 miles for my 2011 goal...

And as excited, anxious, nervous and every other descriptive word you can think of, for Chicago, I am ready to have a life outside of running after it...

Including planning for the Bertram, and getting back to be creative, oh yeah, and blogging again!


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