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December 29, 2009

Grateful - sometimes I have a hard time saying it out loud...why?  Well, the Christmas before we lost Ryan I remember sharing with my mother in law how happy I was, how I literally felt so happy that I feared something bad happening and just 2 months later we lost Ryan.  So for the past 17 years I almost cringe after speaking of my happiness or being grateful for anything, for if I do I may jinx myself...  Over time I have learned that stating my happiness does not mean something bad will happen (though that voice still does try and speak up every now and then), it has taught me to be grateful for the everyday things as well as the big accomplishments, to be grateful for the things that didn't happen, as well as the ones that did. 

For 2009 I am grateful for the following: Joel having another successful year in business, especially in this economy! Chelsea having the best semester at a new college that we all love, amazing grades, sweetest boyfriend and great friends, Zachary starting to look at his future, his grades picking up, being a really good kid and of course his adorable girlfriend and for myself the opportunity to spend so much time with my kids, my Macgyver husband who can fix just about anything, working with an awesome design team and being blessed with such an awesome group of friends.  That's a lot to be grateful for and learning to acknowledge all the little things of life in 2010 could be something to work further on...

Balance - I am constantly amazed by my girlfriend Lisa who seems to have such balance in her life.  With working a full time job and yet still finding time for her family and herself... Finding balance to do the things I need to do, the things I want to do and knowing when I need to remove something from the "balance" This is one area I definitely need to work on.

Faith - With all my reading, bible study and in so many other areas of my life; faith is an important area I focused on in 2009 and that I want to continue to grow stronger with in 2010.  Faith in myself, faith in others, faith in the world around us.

Focus - This word keeps catching me as it can be a part of my 2010 in so many ways. Focus on being a better person, focus on my faith, my family, my running, reading and other areas that can make you a better person.  But it was my word for 2009, so I need a new word for 2010!

Soul - finding my soul, baring my soul, live with more soul in my life, family and dealings with others.

Simplify - Can go in so many directions.  You can simplify your life, your household and all those things you allow to control your thoughts.

Joy - We can choose joy, no matter what situation we are dealing with we have the option of choosing our response, our reaction can come from a place of joy.

Genuine - Being myself and being okay with it, something I have grown into through many of life's lessons.  No longer worried about others opinions or thoughts.  To know that I am doing what is genuine to me, and being genuine to others.

Also in the running Live, Learn, Be, Perspective, Create, Change, Accomplish, Appreciate, Acceptance, Remember

So by December 31st I will have to choose my word...


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