Why is it

March 3, 2008

you have one day where you seem to be able to conquer the world and the next where nothings seems to go right?

That is what my Monday has been and its only 10:30 am.  Seems we woke up to no heat this morning.  Before calling the furnace repair guy Joel went to check the level of our propane tank, turns out there was only 5% left which would account for the no heat.  You are supposed to have it filled no lower than 18% yet it wasn't?  So I spent half the morning on the phone with this company who was charging another 150.00 to have someone come today to fill the tank!  What!  This is how you treat a customer that has been with you for over 12 years!  I'm shocked and upset.  They told me a manager would call me back, but have yet to hear from one.

On the bright side... yesterday we had a nice time celebrating Ben's 20th birthday.  They put together a little surprise party for him and I think he was pretty surprised!

1_thumb.jpg 3_thumb.jpg

Ben and Chelsea                           Chelsea, Erin and Anthony

4_thumb.jpg 8_thumb.jpg

Anthony                                    Ben, Zach and Cameron

9_thumb.jpg 15_thumb.jpg

Ben and Justin                              Rose and Charlene


That would have been a cute picture of my mom and Rose had my mom's eyes been open and since my vision hasn't been too good I didn't even notice it when I viewed the picture after it was taken... darn






John and Erin


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