Who are you?

May 15, 2015

Discovering your authentic self requires work....

Spending many years trying to please others instead of searching and discovering our own needs can lead us down the wrong path. In a world where judgement comes easily and people are labeled so often by their outward appearance, it is no wonder why so many hide under a veil of doubt.

Learning to embrace who we are at each stage of our lives can be a slow process. Carrying the strength to recognize  that our flaws are what make us unique individuals and not something we should cover up has been an obstacle in my path many times.

Many crave the desire to please others and refuse to say no when they do not wish to do something. Stumbling over words and accepting projects that were not a part of our intentions is not only unhealthy for us, but our relationships. Unearthing our abilities and defining our weaknesses can strengthen us over time, as we discover the reasons we pursue one path and stay clear from another, with our choices constantly leading our lives in new directions.

Our lives are often filled with many graces we fail to recognize. Even the tough lessons are seasoning us for greater things, while sending us on a journey of self discovery. Some of the most exhausting life lessons have been my biggest seasons of growth. Evolving into compassion and love, after a long period of grief, tears, hurt and rage. With time, like a fog dissipating, the negative becomes positive and you can appreciate the lesson for the expansion it brought to your life.

As we go along discovering from the ebb and flow of our lives, we continue reaching for our dreams and setting new goals to continue down the path of growth. To improve my writing, care for others in the best way possible and care for myself as I need to, I battle within the direction I want to pursue. Will I ever land in a place of acceptance, that this is me and I'm not trying anymore? Or should we always have a blueprint for our future, with the necessary steps to propel us forward with spaces for the unexpected to fit in?

While we should not live with expectations beyond what we can sustain, finding balance in all things we need and want is not always easy, but taking care of our bodies should by high on our list of priorities. This vehicle is your transportation for life, you want to keep it running properly. It is not always about losing weight, but instead being the strongest you can be.

I refuse to take advantage of any ability I am given. They are our gifts and we should use them accordingly. As we continue with our growth and share with others we will encourage more positive actions along the way, and that is always a good thing.


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  • May 25, 2015 @ 4:59 AM EDT
    By claireylovelearns
    "Some of the most exhausting life lessons have been my biggest seasons of growth" - Yes! That is certainly something I can relate to!
    PS What a lovely blog you have - the design is beautiful!

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