Where does the time go

October 18, 2009

Did you know we are only 39 days from Thanksgiving and only 67 days from Christmas? Where does the time go? It feels like we were just enjoying our summer vacation and now here we are heading for November.

Our tv broke, the one we just got in February.... thank goodness it was still under warranty, but here we are with no television until Wednesday!  I guess it can be a good thing, we've all been keeping busy with other things besides the television, but it seems as if we are going through a bit of an electrical nightmare with both of the computers in the office acting up as well.

Soon the addition to the office will be done and I will have a place to go.  Lisa and I have had to share my desk/computer so usually I would go in during lunch so she can take her lunch and I can work, but lately even that has been busy.  I can't wait for the bigger space though.  Its just amazing how much the business has grown in 6 years.

Last week my mom and I went out to visit Chelsea and Ben at Mount Union.  We only went out for a few hours since she still had exams to study for but its a nice drive, so I don't mind it.


This week is about family pictures, television repairs, and in 2 weeks it's about Zach... the cast comes off, the braces get tightened and believe me he is counting down - well for the cast part at least...


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