Wheeling Island

April 18, 2010

Yesterday I went on a bus trip sponsoring the Buckeye cheerleaders that my good friend Annette was putting together.  I asked Lisa and she brought two more friends!

The day began early with us leaving Buckeye schools by 8:30 to head to West Virginia, and the bus ride just flew by with all the talking and laughter and games to keep us busy!

We arrived in wheeling ready to play and after a short time decided lunch would be a good idea!



For most of the day Lisa and I played on penny slots and a couple times nickel slots and I think maybe once on quarter slots.  For a while Lisa was doing really good!  I stayed conservative but was having fun! 

Then we came to the roulette wheel and Lisa said just watch for a bit... Then Joyce played... nothing, Lisa played... nothing and finally I thought ONE time... so I played all of my kids birthdays.


and number 7, Ryan's birthday won!  At first she slid all these chips over to me and I had no idea what I had won, so I played a couple more rounds adding my birthday to the bet and NOTHING... so I'm like okay I think I should take what I won here and found I had $140 bucks!

I don't know who was more happy... me... or the girls?  But it was an exciting moment!


and before you knew it, it was time for our bus ride home

 What a memorable day we had!



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