What makes you happy

April 17, 2011

I was reading over at Slacker mom's blog a list she created about what makes her happy and thought I would create one myself. Sometimes we need to step back and remember the little things that bring us joy and happiness in our lives, and with the recent struggles I've been facing while dealing with an ill parent I decided I should draw my attention to some happiness in my life!

10 things that make me happy...

1. My husband - wow, we've been through a lot!  So many ups and downs throughout our almost 27 years married. Always there to encourage me with my goals, keep my fears at bay and providing for our family.

2. Two kids that rock my world! My daughter who is not only my friend after struggling through those teenage years but also my running partner, inspiration and pride! and my sweet sweet son, okay most of the time, he is a teen now! His infectious laugh and talented soul brings such light to my world.

3. Reading on my kindle! It's been the greatest and I think I may even achieve my goal of reading 50 books this year! With the ability to read from my iphone to my kindle and always syncing with the last page read I'm never without a good book!

4. Ancestry.com - yep, I'm hooked and learning so much about my heritage! Thank goodness my sister was over with her dinosaur memory of family and names to get the ball rolling!

5. Oatmeal - yep its still my favorite for breakfast, though I do try and change things up once in a while. I look forward to that hot bowl of oatmeal especially after a long run.

6. Iphone - okay this was a long awaited treat and its been as awesome as I imagined it to be! Now Chelsea has one too!  The boys have the droids...

7. Modern Familly - I love this show, I love that it always makes me laugh, I love every character, every lesson... did I mention I love this show and oh yes it makes me happy!

8. Running - come on, you knew it'd make the list! It's my reset button when life gets stressful, my challenge to myself, my goal setting workout, its my latest love and it makes me happy!

9. Being creative - whether its scrapbooking or photography or sketching in a journal my craft time makes me happy, makes me who I am and lets my creative soul emerge!

10. Chobani greek yogurt! Yep it makes me happy! Have you tried it? It might make you happy too!

What makes you happy? Find the little things in life that give you a boost...


If you get kicked in the rear it only means your in front of the race - Joel Osteen




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