What a difference $5 can make

December 7, 2007

Did I ever tell you the story about our last Christmas tree hunt with Ryan?  Well it inspired me to do what I did today, so here's the story.  We went to get our tree on Ryan's birthday the last Christmas he was with us.  It wasn't planned, it just kind of fell that way.  We did dinner then went for the tree.  While at the tree farm the lady that helped us talked to Ryan and he shared with her that it was his birthday and she told him Happy Birthday and then gave him a $5 bill.  He was so excited the rest of the night and we couldn't get over how sweet this woman was.  Who'd of thought we'd lose him a couple months later, but that story has brought a smile to our face all these years, because of the smile it brought to him.

So today on my way to work I stopped and got a coffee at Starbucks.  I thought about Melodee Langworthy's drive-thru Thursday, how you pay for someone's order that is behind you in the drive-through or wherever you are and thought I can do the same thing but instead do it on the 7th of every month, in memory of Ryan and that $5.  So that's what I did today and am going to continue to do for the rest of today and every month on the 7th.  I left $5 at Starbucks for the next person's order, and you know what - it felt good!

See how easy a tradition can start!


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