Weekend craziness!

September 21, 2009

A trip to the hospital was how we spent our Sunday after Zach was helping a friend haul wood and had something blow into his eye.  They numbed his eye, washed it out and even after going to bed early his eye still hurt this morning.

IMG_7299So it was off to the eye doctor to have a second look.  He could see a lot of scratches he said but could not find anything still in the eye, so he wants to give it another day to heal... poor dude!

While they were checking his eye and his vision we found both eyes were a little off according to the eye charts... they are somewhat forgiving because of the eye injury, but it looks like an eye exam is in Zach's near future...

It was a hospital weekend for both my sister and I since my nephew was also injured in the Friday night football game.  He had a mild concussion and thank goodness he's okay!


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